Save Time with Pre-made Divi Layouts

By | July 26, 2017

Building a website from scratch can be daunting even on a relatively easy platform, such as WordPress. It takes a lot of time to configure the rows, boxes, sections, and columns required or desired for the layout of each page. Using the same layout for each page will save time, but it will also be boring to site visitors. People have short attention spans so they will move onto another website if they become bored or frustrated. Different content on each page is not enough to keep visitors on the site. It has to be new, presented in an interesting and unique manner, and include vibrant graphics. The same layout on every page of the business website will only be beneficial to the competition.

Having a professional create the website will eliminate any wasted time, but will cost much more than creating the site yourself. The site will also fall short of reflecting the personality of the business. There is no one better to express the highlights, attitude, and passion for the business like the owner, or a dedicated staff person. Another option is to find a software that makes fast work of designing a site. One example is the software as service (SaaS) product called the Divi Page Builder. Members only have to drag and drop components, which allows them to create layouts in a matter of minutes. More time can be saved with dozens of pre-made divi layouts. There are over eighty themes available and endless possibilities for layouts.

The company also offers resources and tips to save time. The “Snippets” section, for example, includes hints and hacks for setting up certain components like converting the call to action box into a speech bubble or creating divi blurbs on the page. Modules can be combined to make websites for any type of business, personal blog topics, or E commerce store. Professional website designers can utilize the service to save time and create innovative websites for each client. Membership is available on an annual or lifetime basis. There is a risk-free thirty day money back guarantee and memberships include support services. Being able to refresh a site, add stunning pages, and create interesting layouts is essential for businesses today. Any tool or service that allows changes to be created faster is well worth exploring.