Common Office Accidents: What Do they Entail?

By | June 7, 2017

Office accidents. It is the joke that keeps on giving to everyone not involved in the office place. Shows and movies revolve around the mundane silliness of the office workplace, including the stubbed toes and the smacks to the knee from a desk that seems entirely too large pointed for its own good. These accidents exist, and they don’t always result in a brief curse word and an embarrassed smile.

Common Accidents

A common myth in the office place is that an accident is uncommon. This isn’t a construction yard or an industrial plant. Who is going to get an arm cut off in a fax machine? This may be true, but it does not hide away from the point that work accidents happen all the time. Some of the most common include:

  • Being caught between two large objects
  • Falling down
  • Overexertion and exhaustion
  • Falling objects

Keep in mind, offices are surrounded by large and cumbersome objects. Desks have pointed edges. A fall could result in a flat drop to the carpeted ground. A fall could also result in a head smash to the side of a desk. Office accidents are frustratingly mundane, but this does not make them inconsequential.

Small Problems to Big Problems

It is true that office accidents rarely result in any major injuries or losses of limbs. But, this does not mean that a lawsuit can’t bubble it in the aftermath. It also does not mean that the effectiveness of a business can’t slowly be eroded by a series of small mishaps that turn into something a little bigger. The culture of a business includes injuries. Do workers feel safe? Is this an environment where they can feel themselves and feel comfortable?

The website at includes many facets of running a business. Readers can find a wealth of information on creating a safe environment, training new hires, and eventually building a small business into something huge and prosperous. Is office safety a top concern? Just like anything, it depends. Owners and managers alike should have a clear grip on their threats by ordering a risk assessment and analysis.